LPP Events... Adult Entertainment

Themed showcases & singers for any occasion!

To enquire, be sure to email direct! We provide full quotations and only take 20% deposits to secure your booking.

What is LPP Events...

4 years ago, we began as a small family business, providing character entertainment for children’s parties. Slowly, over the years, this has grown into a full time business, with the company now owning a venue and branching out into new areas in 2021.

Now, we regularly perform, not only as characters, but hosting themed showcases for the adults to enjoy.

With a full team of theatre trained performers, the sky is the limit. We aim to continue to grow and showcase our talents, whilst bringing the enjoyment factor to the highest standard.

Why LPP Events...

With our endless group of talented performers to call upon, we can cover most genres of music, providing full showcases of any kind! All team members are impressively talented singers, and also engaging entertainers.

We provide and regularly update, our own PA sytems, which can be added onto any package. This also includes a sound tech, to ensure no issues occur and all events run smoothly.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our high standards. From the themed dress code we arrive in, to the vocals on the night, you’re guarenteed a memorable night with unforgettable audience interaction.

All enquires must be made via email.